Secret Base Design have released version 1.4 of MIDImorphosis – their app (previously known as Audio MIDI Connect) that can control synthesizers, sequencers, and transcribe music with your guitar, bass, or even your voice. They have also released a new video (below) which demonstrates MIDImorphosis in action.

“Audio MIDI Connect has transformed into MIDImorphosis. In this version, the speed and accuracy of pitch detection has been greatly improved. MIDI output now supports multiple destinations, both CoreMIDI and Virtual MIDI, as well as DSMIDI Wifi.

Audiobus support has been added, for both input and output slots.

Audio can be imported or exported using audio copy and paste. The app supports off-line conversion of audio to MIDI, with MIDI files being available using the “open in” method, or through iTunes file sharing.

Pitch detection now supports polyphonic playing. A toggle button selected between monophonic, small intervals, and chords.

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