How To Download MP3′s & Control Grooveshark From Firefox

control grooveshark firefoxFor those of us with access to Grooveshark, life is pretty good. We can listen to quite a bit of amazing music for free, simply by picking a playlist and kicking back to enjoy the tunes. Sometimes, you could be tempted to think things on the online music scene couldn’t get any better. But then someone comes along and creates a little tool which completely makes your day just by adding a little bit more awesome to the mix.

Today we’ve got two of these nifty tools to show you. One is an easy way to download the MP3 files directly from Grooveshark as you use it, while the other is a neat way to control Grooveshark playlists from within Firefox. With these two tools up your sleeve, we’re sure you’ll be pretty pleased.

control grooveshark firefox

Groove Shredder Add-On For MP3 Downloads

Groove Shredder is a new MP3 downloader for Grooveshark. It’s a Firefox extension which makes MP3 downloading simple, by opening a dedicated toolbar button which you can toggle on and off, then downloading MP3′s to your computer when activated.

When using Grooveshark, all you need to do is double-click to activate Groove Shredder. Search for a tune you like and double-click the result. Grooveshark will instantly ask you where you’d like to save it and what name to give the MP3 file. When the download finishes the song will play normally.

control grooveshark firefox

Groove Shredder will also activate when you’re playing playlists, so you can easily download the tracks as they come up. Obviously, if you just want to listen to the tunes, you should disable Groove Shredder while you relax. Just click on the Groove Shredder toolbar button to toggle the downloading ability on and off.

GrooveShark Remote Control — Firefox Control for Grooveshark

GrooveShark Remote Control is a new playlist manager for Firefox users running Grooveshark. This allows you to play, pause and shuffle tracks from Firefox instead of switching tabs to stay in control. It also features track information in your taskbar (now known as the add-on bar in Firefox 4), allowing you to know about what you’re listening to and control all the important stuff without leaving your current tab.

GrooveShark Remote Control will pop up a Growl window when the track changes in order to let you know the new track details. The remote control also disappears when it’s not in use, which is really good if you’re low on space in your taskbar.