TidySongs – Clean up your iTunes music library.

TidySongs…Why Clean Up Your iTunes Library?

  • To save space
  • To find songs more easily
  • To remove duplicate songs
  • To be able to see the accurate info about a song.
  • To save your time
  • To be happier

All the above would be great and its on everyones to do list but it never gets done because….it takes forever and no one has that kind of time.

TidySongs allows you to easily and quickly optimize and organize your iTunes library without the time consuming hassle of updating all the tags manually.

Tidysongs is capable of helping you organize your iTunes library by:

  • Removing Duplicate Songs
  • Fixing Misspelled Song Details.
  • Filling In Artists, Years And Genres.
  • Adding Album Artwork.
  • Doing It Automatically.
    Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

    (Via MacUpdate – Mac OS X.)