What You Can Make in 15 minutes with GarageBand for iPad

The second GarageBand was released for iPad, I scooped it up like ice cream at an ice cream scooping competition. I dropped all work-related responsibilities and decided to write a jam, maybe something that would finally get J-beebz or Yeezy to notice me.

This is what the next great American classic looks like.

First impressions? It’s a must-own for anyone with even the slightest interest in music. It’s so ridiculously easy to use (arguably even easier than GarageBand for Mac) that even people with no musical comprehension will be able to create songs. The touchscreen controls really aren’t as big of an obstacle as I anticipated during the keynote, either. In fact, at certain times they’re easier, like when all you have to do is hold down a chord to record awesome riffs with Smart Guitar.

Dropping out of an active jam session lights up the menubar.

The Smart Drums are almost too easy to use, dumbed down to almost mind-numbing simplicity. You drop several rhythm elements (clapping hands, cymbals, etc) on an X and Y axis (signifying volume and complexity). While there’s also a ‘sit behind a drumset and touch the drums to play’ mode, it’s wildly inefficient for real drums.

Smart drums? More like dumb drums.

Though GarageBand is undeniably easy to use, there’s also a lot of options to separate beginners from experts. If you know where everything is on the Mac’s GarageBand, you’ll have no problem learning the fundamentals of its iOS counterpart. That being said, it’s so packed full of features I’m sure we’ll be consistently surprised for weeks to come.

Without further ado, I present to you ‘Yay, in the Key of C.’

(Via Mac|Life all.)