Download Videos From Hulu

download videos from huluEvery once in a while, you come across a video that you think is so great that adding it to your favorites just isn’t good enough, so you seek to download it. This is relatively easy if you’re on YouTube. There are dozens of apps out there capable of getting the job done (YouTube Downloader is my personal favorite). A lot of the time, all you need is the URL of the video you want.

Hulu‘s an entirely different story. They’ve gone to great lengths to protect their videos from downloaders, primarily because Hulu is home to a lot of television episodes and clips, rather than user-uploaded content. Is it impossible to download videos from Hulu? No, but a lot of the time,  it’s just frustrating enough to cause you to give up prematurely – until now at least.

How to Download Videos from Hulu

You’re going to need two programs to start downloading and watching Hulu videos on your computer. The first is StreamTransport, the program you will use to locate, capture, and download the videos you’re looking for. The second, which you should have anyway, is VLC Player, because, well, it plays everything. There are other programs out there that will be able to play your downloaded videos, but this one is simply the best.

Now that you have those programs installed, I can walk you through the process of snaking Hulu videos.

How To Download Videos From Hulu

The first thing you’re going to want to do is run StreamTransport. We’ll be using the program’s built-in browser to locate the videos you’re interested in on Hulu.

download videos from hulu

Open the program and click on the button at the very top that says Visit Hulu. The top half, browser part of the application will take you to Hulu’s homepage. From there, navigate to the video you would like to capture and play it. Take note of how long the video is because you’re going to need that information in a second.

download from hulu

Once your video starts playing, you will see a list of items in the bottom half of the app. This can vary from video to video, but at least one of the items should be listed as the same duration as the video you’re playing. Click an item that meets that criteria and click the Download button to start downloading the video. If your video doesn’t start downloading in a few seconds, you may need to try one of the other items.

Your download will start in a new window, leaving you free to go back and add more videos to your download queue. Multiple videos can download simultaneously.

download videos from hulu

After a download is finished, click on the Locate button and you will be taken directly to the folder with your downloaded files. As I alluded to earlier, videos will be in the FLV format, but you should have no problem playing them with an app like VLC player.