Jeff Beck Pulls Off Two Grammys

Besides the Lady Gaga in the egg thing, and some of the expected pop horsesh#*, last nite’s Grammy’s weren’t too bad for actual artists. Jeff Beck was nominated for five, and managed to take home two– actually three, when you count his involvement with Herbie Hancock’s Best Pop Collaboration Grammy. Jeffs two were: Best Pop Instrumental ‘Nessun Dorma’ & Best Rock Instrumental ‘Hammerhead’ from the Emotion and Commotion album

Other significant awards were Neil Youngs Grammy for Best Rock Song ‘Angry World’. And believe it or not, this is Neils FIRST ever Grammy. Seems kinda weird huh. Well, when songs like Old Man & Heart of Gold came out, the Grammys werent hip enough I guess.

Another award I really dig is Best New Artist for Esperanza Spalding. This girl is a serious badass Jazz musician who sings and plays upright bass. You must check her out!

Best Rock Album went to Muse. A spooky thing about this is that just yesterday, I was watching an interview clip of the late Gary Moore in which he mentioned Muse as a newer Rock band he dug.

So, I’m officially dubbing Jeff Beck the C.O.S./ Chairman of the Strat nowadays. Any problem with that?

(Via Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog.)