iRig Mic

IK Multimedia, the same dudes and dudettes responsible for the downright hilarious iKlip, seem to be on somewhat of a hot streak. This week, the company’s hitting back with the iRig iMic, hailed as the first handheld condenser microphone for the iPhone. The image above truly explains it all — it’s designed to plug directly into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and so long as you’ve got a recording app of choice, you’ll be capturing your vocals in no time flat. The obvious next step is to run everything through the T-Pain app, but for those who’d rather roll more naturally, IK’s VocaLive effects processor is tossed in gratis. Pricing details are being kept under wraps for reasons unknown, but let’s be honest — you’re buying one even if it means losing two arms and a leg.

(Via Engadget.)


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