Anonym 2.0 – Surf the web anonymously..

Anonym is a network access anonymizer. Its main purpose is to hide your real public IP address. This is possible using anonymous proxy servers. Anonym collects proxy lists from well-known publicly available web sites, tests them and builds a database of working proxy servers. Every proxy is scanned and information about latency, physical location (country) and anonymity level is stored in the database.
Maintaining a proxy list is a hard task because proxy average life is usually very short. With Anonym you can manage your proxy list by hand or you can let Anonym do it for you with automated operations. Anonym can automatically download new proxy lists from the web, add new working proxies to your ‘favourite list’ and remove dead proxy servers.
With Anonym you can hide your IP address when browsing with Safari, using FTP or mail servers, using SSH, Telnet, IRC or other network tools. Anonym supports http, https, ftp, stream, gopher, socks4 and socks5 proxy protocols. Anonym features also a dedicated socks bouncer and a terminal session manager. This tool allows you to connect to remote ssh/telnet/rsh/ servers using open socks.

Anonym is an Cocoa/Applescript frontend for /usr/sbin/networksetup, it does not install any kernel extension or background daemon.

Anonym is free and open source.

Version 2.0:

  • more powerful, fast and reliable
  • proxies and socks are listed in a sortable database table
  • download proxies from many URLs at the same time
  • manage an URL list, enable or disable URLs
  • test if proxy works and test how it works
  • test anonimity level: find elite, anonymous or transparent proxies
  • automatically maintain your favourite list with one click synching with remote lists and keeping an updated list of working proxies
  • schedule daily automatic proxy list synch
  • proxy finder (scan an IP range for working proxies)
  • share proxy lists with EPL files, import old EPL from Anonym 1.2.x
  • import and export proxy lists text files

Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.

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