The New Facebook Messages

Facebook has launched what it calls the ‘Modern Messaging System,’ a product that integrates e-mail, IM and texting in a unified inbox. Team Mashable has been playing around with the new product, and we’ve put together a quick screenshot walkthrough to help you make sense of what the new Facebook Messages product is all about.

At a press event in San Francisco earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg revealed ‘Project Titan,’ the codename for an overhauled version of the company’s messaging product. Long in need of an upgrade, Facebook has finally given it a facelift and a ton of new features. Its central thesis is that messaging should be simple and unified, which is why it integrates IM, chat, SMS and e-mail into one inbox. Users can send e-mails from an address and text their friends from the same interface.

The revamped Facebook Messages will be rolled out to the social network’s 500+ million users in the next few months. Initial access has only be given to a small group of Facebook employees and beta testers. In the meantime, we have a step-by-step picture guide to the social network’s revamped messaging feature.

Check out our gallery below, and let us know what you think of the new Facebook Messages in the comments.

Screenshots: The New Facebook Messages

Facebook Messages Splash Screen

The first thing you’ll see is that there’s a new version of Facebook Messages. Clicking on the pop-up takes you to this splash page, which explains the benefits and gives you a giant ‘Upgrade’ button to press. E-mail

If you press the upgrade button, you’re immediately taken to the new Messages inbox. You will receive this notification, asking you whether you’d like to activate your e-mail address.

The Facebook Inbox

This is the new Facebook inbox. It’s a lot like the old one, although it does a better job of showing you who sent the last message in a conversation. It also shows you when you’ve received an attachment and is cleaner overall.

Facebook Messages Invites

This is the Invites page for Facebook Messages. The new product is invite-only, so to get access you have to have a friend invite you. I only got two invites, both of which I have given out already.

The ‘Other Messages’ Inbox

This is the ‘Other Messages’ inbox, mostly meant for messages sent to you by specific events or Facebook Pages.

Archiving a Message

This is what happens when you try to archive a message for the first time. Facebook wants you to archive your messages so you can refer to them two, five, or 50 years from now. Deleting messages has to be done from within the message itself.

Receiving a Message

This is the interface for receiving a single message. I got this message from Mashable Reporter Samuel Axon, who e-mailed my e-mail address.

Texting in Facebook Messages

If you check the mobile icon box, you send a friend a text message. In this case, my friend doesn’t have SMS activated, so I can request that he turn it on. In most cases this will just send Samuel a text message.

Sending a Facebook Message

This shows off the messaging and ‘quick reply’ features of the new Messages interface. Quick Messaging simply means you only have to hit ‘enter’ to send a message.

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