TxtBlocker Promises to End Teenage Texting While Driving


Texting while driving is a major problem, particularly amongst teen drivers. tXtBlocker claims to be the solution. The serve disables texting and Web browsing on phones traveling more than 15 miles an hour–calling, meanwhile, is limited to 911 and a select list of contacts.

The service is intended to be installed by parents on their teenagers’ handsets. Parents can also restrict cell activity by geographic region and time, prohibiting use during school or work hours. For full big brother effect, they can also view the phones on an interactive map at any time.

The service will be made available at Best Buy stores next month. It’s currently compatible with Android and BlackBerry handsets. An iPhone version is coming soon, so break curfew while you still can, kids.

(Via http://feeds.ziffdavis.com/ziffdavis/gearlog-ziffdavis.)