Google Introduces Free VoIP Calling to U.S. Gmail Users

Google’s bringing the noise literally. Earlier today, Google announced the availability of a VoIP calling feature for Gmail users, allowing those of us who rock a Googlemail account to call landline and cellular telephones from the comfort of our inbox. The service, currently available only to Gmail users residing in the U.S., will allow for free calls to phones in North America ‘at least the rest of the year.’ While youll be dinged for calls to other countries outside of North America, as those already enjoying the benefits of VoIP will tell you, the cost of those conversations will be significantly less than if they were placed on a conventional home or mobile phone.

From the looks of things, using the service couldn’t be easier: The option to call is included in the same dialogue pane as Gmail users currently find their chat and video options. By clicking ‘Call phone,’ users will bring up a number pad where they can then dial the telephone number.

Pretty sweet, eh? Still, in the face of Google’s recent alliance with Verizon, a company that has a lot to lose in the face of VoIP alternatives to their cellular products, one has to wonder what Google’s game is. Are they getting busy with the not being evil, or is there something up their sleeve? Who knows–in the meantime, let’s all enjoy the free phone call goodness!

(Via Mac|Life all.)