Jam With Musicians All Over The World With Youphonics

Sometimes creative minds need collaboration, and musicians are no exception. You might have come up with the perfect riff, but can’t come up with the complete song. That’s where YouPhonics comes in.

YouPhonics, currently in private beta, is an online meeting place for musicians to share snippets of music, recorded and uploaded to their free accounts. Other members can then link their own snippets, and in so doing, possibly create a virtual song. Read on if you want to find out how to get in on the private beta.

YouPhonics is a slick website, and couldn’t be easier to use. Once you’ve signed up, you can either go ahead and upload a piece of music, or stem, you would like to share with the community, or look for other stems to collaborate on.

If you want to start with a stem of your own, there are two ways to get it onto the website. You can play it while recording it directly to YouPhonics – but this requires Flash Player 10.1 to be installed. For the less daring, you can upload your piece of pre-recorded music.

The only limitations placed on uploaded files is a maximum file size of 10MB and it has to be an MP3. After you’ve added your stem, you can then name and tag it. Make sure to put the relevant tags that will help other musicians find it.

There’s no limit to the kind of creations you can upload to YouPhonics. If you have some lyrics and a melody, go ahead and upload that for others to create the music around it. If you have a guitar riff, upload, and someone else can add another instrument, and so forth.

If you’d rather find a song to collaborate on – there are a couple of ways to find the music that suits your style. The easiest way to do this is using the search function.

You can filter search results by stems, tags, and users.

If you’re not sure what to look for, you could always take a look at the recommendations and featured artists, as well as the most listened to stems, on the home page.

To add a stem to an already existing piece of music, open it up in the Sound Room. Hover over it and click the New Stem button. From there you can also give the piece of music the thumbs up, add your own tags or even download the MP3.

The magic on YouPhonics happens in the Sound Room when you play several stems at once. For example, someone has uploaded a piece of music, and someone else has attached the accompanying vocals. Play the two stems together by clicking each of them once, and they will play simultaneously.

YouPhonics is of course a social network in its own right. You can message other users, as well as become their fan. Your profile features your fans, members you are a fan of, your stems, and stems you have bookmarked, or essentially, added to your favourites. You can also include a bit of personal information such as your location, website, and a short bio.

To get in on the private beta sign up using the secret code MAKEUSEOFYOUPHONICS, which expires a week from today.

(Via MakeUseOf.com.)