6 Humorous Ways To Annoy Friends On Facebook

funny ways to annoy your friendsFacebook is a fun place to be.  You can call anyone from your closest relative to some acquaintance you knew way back in high school a ‘friend’ and not feel awkward because of it.  Friends on Facebook are basically people you know and Facebook is a fun place to either get to know people better or just to keep up with the family.

Notice that I mentioned the word ‘fun’ a few times in the previous paragraph.  It is true that Facebook is a place to network and to keep up with people.  However, it can also be a fun place to play around with your friends.

No, I am not talking about those stupid little games like throwing sheep around or pretending you know anything about farming.  I’m talking about just plain old having fun at your friends’ expense.  If you are creative enough, you can find all kinds of ways to have fun with each other without selling your soul to any of those applications.

I can come up with a few.  Try them out and see if you can pull them off in the spirit of fun without making enemies.  Without further adieu, here’s how to go out of your way to annoy friends on Facebook.

1.  Go Through Their Profile Pictures, Add Stupid Comments In Speech Balloons & Tag Them.

A friend of mine did this to his sister and the result was hilarious!  The idea is to choose a picture where you can see their faces.  If they are doing something funny, it’s even better.  Go to the page with the picture, right-click and click and save the image.  Open it in your favorite image editing program, and add some mad cool text.  Use a speech balloon if you’ve got the skills.

funny ways to annoy your friends

Don’t forget to tag them or else what would be the fun?

2. Make Annoying Comments On Their Updates.

Try to be creative in your annoyance here.  You could try repeating everything they say (ever done the ‘copying’ game as a kid… or coworker?).  This game becomes easier with a tool like Facebook because you can always copy and paste.  Indubitably they’ll respond with ‘Stop copying me!’ and that conversation could become endless.  You could also respond to every update with something like ‘That’s stupid.’  You may get lucky and have them respond with ‘Why?’

funny facebook status messages

3. Create A Fanpage For A Friend & See How Long It Takes Him To Notice.

Fan pages are fun, but not as much fun as making one for a friend!  Make sure you make up lots of goofy stuff that people will know is not true.  Share with the world all of their super powers and the type of stuff they like to eat.  Just make it totally annoying and you’ll have succeeded.

When the fan page is done, start inviting mutual friends and see how long it takes for the friend to notice.  I suppose you could either communicate on his behalf in an annoying manner or just speak about him in the third person.

4. Tell The World Every Single Thing You Are Doing Throughout The Whole Day.

OK, I know this one hits too close to home for a few of you but for the sake of being annoying, take it to a whole new extreme.  Don’t just say that you brushed your teeth, but describe it for us.  Find every detail of your life that day and describe it.

If you want to make life easier, guess as close as possible how your day is going to be, and what you are going to be doing, and use a tool like HootSuite to schedule posts ahead of time.  Schedule them every couple of minutes or even once an hour.  Just enough to really get under your friends’ skin.

funny facebook status messages

5. Paste Random Bits Of Code Into Your Status Updates.

Not sure why you’d want to do this, but random bits of code will be sure to annoy your friends.  It could also show your techier side at the same time.

You could either use it in conjunction with actually saying something.

funny facebook status messages

or just by itself.

6. Become Infatuated With CAPS Lock.

Ever since the internet began to be popular, the CAPS lock has always meant you are yelling.  Start updating using all caps.  It’ll really get people’s attention.  You may get annoying responses telling you to keep it down as if their ears are actually hurting.

funny ways to annoy your friends

Be careful as you do some of these.  You don’t want to bombard your friends with so much annoying garbage that you start losing them.  Oh and these are just a few ways to get on the nerves of your lovely friends on Facebook.  I know for sure that there are more so share your favorites in the comments, would you?

(Via MakeUseOf.com.)