Johnny Depp’s Cigar Box Guitar!

One thing’s for sure is that it’s totally cool , Yes that’s Johnny Depp with a Matty Baratto Cigar Box guitar!!!

If you are into cigar box guitar, you might have already seen this photo in some form or another as it was in the New York Post and is now all over the net….But it’s so cool, It’s not some boring and tired old news 6 string! …so I just have to post it here too, I mean come on, could this be any cooler????? It’s a cigar box guitar and one things for sure, It’s Primal Americana

(Via Three String Guitars ~ Primal Americana.)


One thought on “Johnny Depp’s Cigar Box Guitar!

  1. If you like these….
    Bluesman Mac Arnold plays an oil can guitar. Superchikin plays a guitar he made from a ceiling fan, the guijo.

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