Craft a Temporary Light Tent Out of Paper and Binder Clips

If you need a quick and dirty light tent but you don’t want to shell out for a commercial model or spend time building a DIY version, this light tent can be built in a matter of minutes from office supplies.

Over at the blog Mostly Color—a blog focused on color theory, design, and photography—they have instructions for a simple-to-make light tent. The components are nothing more than folded paper and binder clips. It doesnt have the same versatile diffusing qualities as a commercial model made out of ripstop nylon and paired with a set of studio flashes but for simple product-style photography with natural light or a diffused overhead flash (the paper walls of the light tent are a bit thick for traditional through-the-side diffusion) you cant beat it for price and ease of construction.

Check out the link below for instructions or if you’re in the mood to take a bigger DIY project make sure to check out how to make a light tent out of cardboard and tissue paper or K’Nex building toys. Have a favorite photography-related DIY hack?

(Via Lifehacker.)