NetNewsWire 2.0 for iPhone Brings Google Reader Sync


NetNewsWire [Free with ads – iTunes link] and NetNewsWire Premium [$1.99 – iTunes link] for iPhone, the mobile version of NetNewsWire for Mac and FeedDemon for Windows, have just hit 2.0 and brings a lot of compelling features to the table — especially for RSS geeks:

  • Google Reader sync including Starred items synchronization
  • Twitter integration – send articles as tweets
  • Instapaper integration
  • Latest News view –
  • New article view
  • New up and down arrows for navigating through news list
  • Title and date of most recent item on Feeds screen.
  • Excerpts and dates on news item lists
  • Send articles via email without leaving NetNewsWire

It’s enough that I’m finally going to go all in on Google Reader and NNW 2.0 (at least for the next week — we’ll see if it sticks).

Screens after the break. If you give NetNewsWire 2.0 a go as well, let us know what you think.

(Via The iPhone Blog.)