Become a War Driving Pro – Hack WEP and Wifi

If this is your first time with this word then let us explain that War Driving is not about hostilities (though it’s possible!). It is the activity of driving around in a vehicle equipped with wireless gear looking for unsecured wireless networks. Hackers do it to hack and access protected Wi-Fi networks but there are amateurs too who scan the RF environment just for the fun of it.

War Driving can be a fun thing to do and quite easy if you have the right gear and the afternoon off. And we had earlier showed you how easy it is to crack a WEP wireless network.

This how-to video breaks War Driving into six basic steps –

  1. Get a laptop (or notebook) with onboard Wi-Fi or use a USB Wi-Fi adapter that supports an external antenna.
  2. Connect the external antenna to a GPS receiver for mapping the locations.
  3. Install free Wi-Fi sniffers like NetStumbler (for Windows) or Kismet.
  4. Place the antenna on the roof of the car, make the connections and plug-in the PC to the power adapter.
  5. Get someone to drive you around.
  6. Fire up the software and start scanning for unprotected Wi-Fi signals while you drive around.

WarDriving can be a blast but be mindful of the ethics of tapping into someone else’s network.

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(Via – You name it. We hack it..)