Tybee Island South Beach seat mystery – Update

Tybee Island South Beach Seat

Has anyone any information on what happened to our Tybee Island South Beach seat, that want missing when Miley Cyrus came to town?.. I keep checking eBay daily, to see if anyone is selling it as a “Last Song” movie prop (as used by Miley Cyrus)… Ive heard one rumor that Billy Ray Cyrus was spotted in the same area with a large pickup truck…


One thought on “Tybee Island South Beach seat mystery – Update

  1. Thats a shame. My wife and I LOVED that bench when we visited your lovely island. We watched the sun come up on it.
    I could believe the Robby Ray stuff though.

    We stayed on Butler St while my daughter was compeating in Savannah at the AAU Gymnastics Nationals. “Camp Miley” was right next to us at the corner. One day several of the girls that had come down to compete and come to the beach to swim decided to stand on the corner and see if Miley would say hi to then since she parked right there and walked to her trailer. She came, got out of the car and did not even respond to the out of control mob and paparazzi, 7 girls and a couple of parents with cameras that were, untill then quietly standing there. The kids were very turned off by that. I mean what does a wave and a hi cost now a days. Well apparently it DOES cost in the Cyrus Family.
    After the girls, their parents and my wife went to the beach, I came out and was talking to another parent who seemed a tad pissed off walking down 19th streeet, or at least the path allowed us by the Miley people. I joked, that he and his daughter got a cold shoulder from the Diva too? The dad turned and said that Robby Ray his shaggy self came over and told the people that were there that Miley did not appear or sign autographs in “This Type of Venue”. Roughly translated, if I am not payed to appear, be nice or sign autographs I dont. The next day I noticed the camo curtain and the black plastic covering all the view niches.

    I do feel sorry for Miley though. She blew off several girls that went on and at least in my daughters case won 5 AAU National Gymnastic Championship Medals. Miley missed HER opertunity to greet and get the autographs of several National Gymnastic Champions. In that bunch she dismissed were a few Golds. A Few Silvers and a whole bunch of Bronze’s. Poor Miley missed the shot of a lifetime to be photographed standing next to REAL athletic champions. When one act like a snob. One never knows what one will miss.

    As for my daughter she took it all in stride but deep down I know she knows who are the champs and who are the chumps. Champs embrace their fans. Chumps just want their money!

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