USB Powered American Flag and Patriotic Computer


Happy 4th of July from HacknMod! Here’s a quick, simple project for your 4th of July celebration: a computer playing the anthem along with a flying American flag illuminated and powered via USB. The setup is simple and easy to put together. The project put together by Evan Roth’s project is definately salute worthy.

The USB LED lamp and the USB fan are paired together. The lamp and fan arms are supported by a straightened wire coat hanger. The wire coat hanger also serves as the mast. The entire gadget is bound with duct tape and heat shrink wrap, twisted into shape and plugged into the USB ports of a computer. Quick list of materials:

  • USB Fan
  • USB LED lamp
  • 12″ of heat shrink wrap
  • Flag (country of choice), roughly 9″ x 6″
  • Roll of electrical tape
  • An unlimited supply of patriotism.

The final effect is supplied by the PC (call it the ‘patriotic computer’). Change the boot-up music to your national anthem and the desktop wallpaper to a patriotic image. When the computer boots up, the USB fan wafts the flag, the USB LED lamp lights it up and as a backdrop you have the anthem with patriotic imagery thrown in.

USB has its uses like the how to on a cheap USB powered fan we had covered earlier. That’s one from our entire section on USB project hacks.

(Via – You name it. We hack it..)