Owner of Miley Cyrus Movie House Talks to News 3

HollyWood comes to Tybee Island

Sam Adams owns the home on Tybee Island’s south end where “The Last Song” is being filmed.  Adams tells me that he’s glad that his home was chosen as the location and that Tybee Island is being used in the movie, instead of the Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, N.C. settings of the book.

“When this movie thing came up and I already figured the out that the house is very important to me.  It was an opportunity to sort of immortalize the house.  Tybee has been very fortunate with hurricanes and storms and stuff and so far, we’ve been lucky.  Who’s to say that one of those storms won’t come roaring up the coast and take it out,“ explains Sam Adams.

Adams and his family live on Tybee for six months out of the year.  He says not being in the home this summer is “worth the trouble” because of the money they’re leaving at Tybee.  The movie is expected to bring in $8 million for the island.  Adams says the movie using Tybee as the location is great, free publicity for the island.  He’s among many who expect tourists to come to the island after people see how beautiful and unique it is in Cyrus’ movie.
Adams says the story line calls for a run-down house and that crews have already converted his home to fit the script.

“They have promised to put it back together and their reputation is that they do put things back together when they put it back,“ explains Adams.

History of Adams’ home:

This is the second home built by the family on Tybee Island.  Adams says that when his grandfather and greatgrandfather built it, they really knew what they were doing.  (since it was the 2nd house.)

“The home is made out of hard pine, beautiful pine wood, and has very few painted surfaces,“ says Adams.  “And once every 30 years, we get a new roof.“

He says four generations of Adams’ have grown up in the home, the youngest, his 21-year old daughter, a junior in college.  They have height measurements for each generation on a doorway, so they can compare their heights.  While his daughter is too young now, Adams hopes that she will have children who will enjoy their home just as much as the generations before have.

Adams remembers when he was younger.  He says his family’s phone number was just “5.“

“It was back when we had the phone system where we just picked up the phone and talked to the operator,“ explains Adams.

The island has certainly come a far way from just dialing “5.“  This summer, thousands on Tybee will be calling and texting away about the movie, Miley Cyrus spottings and much more.

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  1. nice article! I’ve lived here 30 years and didn’t know about the one-digit phone numbers. when I moved here, you only had to dial the 4 digits (not the 786 prefix) and we thought that was so retro and neat!

  2. I stayed on Tybee Island in 2008 and fell in love with this place, I have taken many vacations however this place really is so relaxing I would love to move there if I could. I highly reccomend Tybee Island for a great getaway for the family or for anything else, the bars are awsome the store’s are cool the beach is great the Locals are friendly and the list goes on and on not to mention Savannah is only a few minutes away and that in itself is a neat place rich in history…..5 stars from me

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