Counting Down To iPhone 3.0 OS

iphone3-0The world (or at least iPod Touch and iPhone owners) are eagerly awaiting the release of the new iPhone 3.0 OS, that is likely to be available for download at 10 am Pacific Standard Time. There have been rumors flying around that the download is going to be late by a day. These rumors are patently false. Reports such as this one on the Computerworld website is based on a report published on a website in Singapore. Given that Singapore is 15 hours ahead of PST, it will be 1 am on June 18th local time that the software will be available for download in that country.

For me the killer feature is cut-copy-and-paste. And I would say, Find my phone would be the other great feature but I use an iPod Touch which almost never really leaves my tiny apartment. Anyway are you planning to upgrade? If so, what are the features you are excited about?

(Via GigaOM.)