Apple Intros Podcast Producer 2

Apple today introduced Podcast Producer 2, part of Snow Leopard Server. Podcast Producer 2 is designed to be an end-to-end solution for encoding, publishing, and distributing podcasts.

Snow Leopard Server adds two new video capture features:

  • dual-source capture, enabling you to create picture-in-picture podcasts using Apple-designed templates or your own layout; and
  • web capture, which lets you capture video by controlling remote cameras and microphones through any modern web browser on your Mac, PC, or iPhone.

To automate the completion and publishing of podcasts, you can create your own workflow with Podcast Composer. It offers an Automator-style graphical interface that lets you choose introductory, title, and exit videos; specify different effects and transitions between videos; and add watermarks and overlays to podcast content.

Once the podcast is complete, Podcast Producer 2 automatically publishes the content in the format you choose and to the location you’ve specified.

(Via Podcasting News.)