The Juju Behind Billy Gibbons’ Hat

Wild enough he’s actually playin’ a Strat in this photo, but ever wonder about Billy G’s hat? (I know we’re used to the hat– and the strange thing is the Strat.)

During a ZZ Top tour in Africa, Billy was introduced to a chief of Cameroon’s Bamileke tribe. At the time, Billy was wearing a ten gallon Stetson, but it seems the chief wanted that Stetson very much. Billy was urged to promptly give his Stetson to the chief, however, Gibbons let the chief know that back in Texas there is a custom of ‘horse tradin”. The chief was more than happy to respond by presenting Billy with the hat we are so used to seeing him with today.

So although Billy’s hair loss could also be a factor, his hat certainly has some deep roots.

See this video clip to get the story straight from the Reverend’s mouth!

The Bamileke people are really into the hat thing! Find yourself a Bamileke hat!

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(Via Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog.)