Real Strat for Rock Band Controllers!

HEXUS.gaming reports that game controller builder Mad Catz is coming out with an actual full size, actual wood Stratocaster controller for Rock Band. Looks like sombody gets to sell more hardware & real straps… Maybe cases too.

‘Hey, what kind of Strat you got in there, bud?

…Uhh, it’s my Rock Band controller.’

We’re witnessing a marketing revolution here folks. Relic game controllers should be next. Hey! Why not?! Then maybe limited edition custom shop, masterbuilt, collectible controllers. Some vicarious hedge funder may even convert his ’54 to a controller, and pose with it on the cover of Forbes or Fortune! It could happen.

All you gear entrepreneurs out there oughta put on those thinking caps. Imagine faux effects pedals and dummy pedal boards. Maybe even 5.1 surround, flat panel Marshall stack arrays for the family room. Hi-Def TV housing re-trimmed in tweed! Even faux guitar culture beats no guitar culture.

Somebody stop me!!!
(Somebody hire me!)

(Via Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog.)